The Newlyweds

The Newlyweds

A Novel

Book - 2012
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Jan 18, 2020

Liz Joyce

Aug 31, 2013

I just thought it would be a more thoughtfully written book, which for me means the prose is memorable. I felt no need to reread anything or analyze anything except for the Kim/George situation, of which I'm still confused. The trip back to Bangladesh was a blur of too many characters, but maybe this is what a homecoming is - convoluted.

Jun 18, 2013

interesting story about online international dating and how it transpired into life in America

WVMLStaffPicks May 31, 2013

Amina is a young, educated Bangladeshi woman looking for a better life. George is an older, lonely American engineer looking for a practical wife. They meet online. They agree to get married. Amina moves to America. It’s easy for a book about an (e)mail order bride to devolve into melodrama and stereotypes, but Freudenberger manages to paint a realistic picture of this modern day arranged marriage between two people who must overcome cross-cultural confusions and complicated past histories to make a future together.

skylars Feb 04, 2013

So-so story about young woman from Bangladesh, marrying American that she met online. What I found interesting was the description of life in the Middle East, Southern Asia, and Bangladesh in particular. The customs, life-style, institutions, etc. Very enlightening.

Jan 01, 2013

I had high hopes for this book (I checked out the audiobook), but I was consistently disappointed by 1) the lack of superb writing and fascinating ideas---it just seemed lackluster to me and 2) lack of character development, especially George, and 3) too much predictable miscommunication / misunderstanding throughout the whole book. Kim's storyline seemed confusing -- how does she get rejected from the boyfriend's family, then ends up back in?? Did I miss something? Also, when I got to the end of the audiobook, I thought surely the CD player skipped a chapter or I missed a disc, so I played it back, and received confirmation of a disappointing, unsatisfying ending. I don't expect stories to always conclude with a happy ending, but this story just fizzled with too many unanswered questions.

Dec 09, 2012

Excellent story of culture clash, complicated family relationships and missed chances. Amina comes to the U.S. from Bangladesh to marry George in order to better herself and has carefully planned work, school and citizenship in order to bring her parents over also. However, all is bittersweet after she finds out a bit more about her husband?s past relationships and that a Deshi man she loved is still available when she goes back to get her parents. Unfortunately, like many women, Muslim or not, it seems that her wants and desires must always take a back seat to those of the parents, husband or children. A frustrating story that can only really end one way and does, but it?s not the way I wanted.

Oct 21, 2012

this was an awesome read but i didn't want it to end. thinking about it now i can see why she ended it there though, the interesting part of the story was over and by ending there she showed that from then on Amina would be living a "normal" life in America. if this is not the case the author could always write a sequel...yes nell please do!!!!

Sep 24, 2012

A good examination of what love is and what we think it is or want it to be. It examines marriage as a contract, part spoken and part unspoken. I enjoyed the illustration of cultural differences and how it affects decisions and attitudes.

Aug 05, 2012

Interesting novel. Intimate view of a relationship, facing the usual communication issues, not helped by secrets and a cultural divide.

Jul 20, 2012

I did enjoy reading this book but i have to agree that the ending was a disappointment. Nevertheless, it does give an interesting perspective on how where we grow up can determine our interpretation and understanding of the world. I think it's an especially relevant book when we live a multicultural community to understand how people can have such different perspectives on issues such as living with your parents(or not).

Jun 19, 2012

Beautifully written, if a bit meandering, this interesting story of an intercultural marriage is a perceptive character study but just sort of glides to a halt rather than having a really satisfying ending. Worth reading if you enjoy Freudenberger's careful, delicate writing style.

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