Crush Candy Corpse

Crush Candy Corpse

Book - 2012
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Apr 25, 2017

Paradise manor isn't exactly a paradise. It’s a home for residents with Alzheimer’s, and Sunny would rather be doing her community service hours at a hair salon. But working there has had a surprising effect on Sunny. Here she builds relationships with the patients and meets one patient's grandson. Then when an indecent happened at the manor and lands sunny in a courtroom for manslaughter.
I really enjoyed this book because it took you throughout her court case and then fills in the story by telling the back story to each of her visits to see if she is guilty or not. I think it was a fairly fast paced book and you never knew what the ending was going to be until it happened. It definitely had some plot twists that you don't see coming to make it more interesting. Rating 4 out of 5 stars.
- @Fallenangelhushhush of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Jul 22, 2013

sunny is being sentenced for man slaughter and murder of coles grand mother because of "chocking" her with candy.
sunny is doing her community hours in a residents home with patients with Alzhimers... in the beginning walking into a bad stench she thinks this is the worst idea she could've ever made. but her teacher told her too. just as she thought this place was the worst -place ever..... she encounters a teen named cole and finds out his grandmother is staying here.
weeks go by and she starts to enjoy the place knowing cole is visiting and what not but then her grandmother keeps asking her for mints.... and not just one at a time but to be put in her mouth more than once...... so did she really "kill" coles grandmother or was it something already planned for,,,,,,

NorthleaAM Apr 09, 2013

I thought this book was well written, like how there was a court scene at the begining of every chapter. I just thought there wasn't much ideas and details put into the book, but the author formatted it for success

Missy4052 Apr 03, 2013

i liked why she died her bangs but wasnt very creative. This book wasn't one of my top 3. :(

FierceDragon Mar 12, 2013

Overall, really good read! I really enjoyed it! One of my top Red Maple books.

ginjaninja23 Mar 11, 2013

I thought this book was okay but was lacking in creativity. This is the second book in the Red Maple selection that is based around court and I really don't understand the justice system so it was kinda confusing for me. I didn't like what happened to Cole and I think he should end up with Sunny at the end.

NorthleaKDN Mar 06, 2013

i think that this book was really good except for the ending. the author could have expanded a bit on the ending. but overall it was pretty good. it included a good amount of mystery, adventure, and romance.

andrewheppner456 Mar 05, 2013

This was one of my favourite reads this year! I highly recommend it to lovers of supsense novels.

bookworm0012 Mar 04, 2013

I didn't really like this book. The back-and-forth between the present and the past was really confusing. The plot was strange and I was confused about what was even going on. The references to "paradise" didn't make sense and the characters personalities kept changing. Donovan kept trying to be bad then good and I could never tell what his motive was. I didn't like Sunny's attitude and the entire book wasn't really good.

09sparky Feb 25, 2013

I kind of enjoyed "Crush. Candy. Corpse." but the general idea of Sunny helping someone commit suicide is really creepy and scary. There was a lot of drama like when Cole got hit by the bus or when his grandmother died. I know there needs to be drama to make it interesting but when an important character dies (his grandmother) it just kind of like wow.

samdog123 Feb 05, 2013

Sonja needs volunteer hours for high school. She is assigned to a senior's home. At first, she's not happy, but as she gets to know the seniors who live there, she comes to enjoy her time spent with them. When one of the senior's dies due to asphyxiation from a candy, Sonja is suspect. An enjoyable read told from the teen's perspective.

ziggyangel11 Feb 03, 2013

its a good book the first 2 chapters are not great

northleabj Feb 01, 2013


bieber14 Jan 28, 2013

It's a very good book


It was an awesome short read and was really easy to relate to. I enjoyed it alot!!!!

ForestofReadingTeam Jan 22, 2013

Cool author fact: SYLVIA MCNICOLL earned her Bachelor of Arts at night while working by day as a clerk!

Danceronice Jan 17, 2013

Im not done this book yet (im on chapter 14) and already im sneaking it under my covers at night-I cant stop reading! This book is a must read for everyone.

littlereader3340 Jan 08, 2013

Awesome book!

MsCole Dec 01, 2012

Lots of our students will relate to being in love with the characters in the books they are reading and the hype that now surrounds certain books! Plus...we have to appreciate the portrayal of the intelligent & with it librarian! The story was better than I expected after the introduction with enough action to keep our students reading! Fun read!

Oct 11, 2012

Good book. Don't let the title fool you into avoiding to read it. It's very interesting how the story unfolds around the main character Sunny and how her maturity and her caring character emerge.

branch_reviews Jun 11, 2012

“Sunny” Ehret completed her 40 hours of volunteer work at a nursing home, had a “crush” on someone she met there, liked some the residents so much that she even brought them “candy” …. So how did one of the residents end up as a “corpse” … and Sunny charged with manslaughter???
Reviewed by JK

Cdnbookworm Apr 15, 2012

This novel goes back and forth between the life of young Sunny as she completes her required 40 volunteer hours at a local nursing home, and the court scene where she is accused of manslaughter.
Sunny didn't want to volunteer at the nursing home, but the other volunteer options were gone and she had always felt close to her grandmother, so she figured she could handle it.
She finds herself on a ward with patients with memory issues, many with Alzheimer's. She finds herself drawn to the patients, looking for ways to improve their quality of life, wanting to make them smile. She buys them small gifts from her own pocket. She also finds herself drawn to a young man, Cole, who comes to visit his grandmother. Torn between her attraction to geeky Cole, and the bad boy Donovan she is currently seeing, she delays choosing between the two.
When her last visit to the nursing home occurs at the same time as a tragedy and she is accused of a connection to the death of a nursing home resident, she finds herself looking to her family and friends for support.
The book moves back and forth between witnesses in the courtroom and Sunny's experiences at the nursing home in a way that shows the reader different sides to a story.

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