Brother Bear

Brother Bear

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Oct 31, 2016

I LOVE this Disney movie BROTHER BEAR because PHIL COLLINS did a wonderful music for this movie and I LOVE his music video "LOOK THROUGH MY EYES."
I LOVE all his songs from this movie BROTHER BEAR.

i love this movie i remeber i beged my mom to buy me this movie but she never did i seen this movie on t.v a lot of times cause they kept on putting it on t.v on and on and on sometimes they stoped putting it on t.v untill cople months later they stared putting it on again and again and again that movie would be on t.v all day and all night but when i watched it so meny times i didn't really wanted to get it anymore cause i watched everyday and after school too it was on t.v back in 2004 and 2005 they kept on putting it on t.v but now they don't put it on anymore but later i did watch it on cbc on t.v they put it on sometimes on sunday later after cople years of now watching this movie i started to barrow it from the libarary because i haven't watch it in a longtime but i did barrow it from waterford libarary on vhs when i haven't seen it in a longtime i do still think it's funny when 1 bears says quit telling everyone i'm dead than she says the bear sometimes i can still hear his voiec than they other bears says it in a diffrecnt laghuge and than he lahughts the bears says oh yeah then one bears says this year i met the most gorges the lady bear says no your gorges no your gorgeser thats the funnyest part i ever think of the movie and back in 2005 i watched it again but at school my whlole class was watching it but this movie did make me said and cry when the song started it was called there's no way out it was always making me cry in this movie the song part when everytime i would watch it on vhs or dvd or on t.v or at school when i watched it with my whloe class.

Aug 13, 2014

We watched this when the kids were young... and now we watch it for the commentary! The moose host and it is HILARIOUS.

Sep 26, 2012

Really scratched disc. Not playable.


THIS movie is an old memory that i can remember after years now my brother can not get enough of because it is such a great movie for the family.

Jul 23, 2012

This was another great movie, by Disney. I also found out that Kenai's oldest brother, was played by D.B. Sweeny-and he did Avatar Aang in the Legend of Korra!!!! Automatic 5/5 stars! Great movie.

_hollister_ Jul 17, 2012

funny, cute, sad, amazing! :D

Jun 01, 2012

Another great Disney film. I was very happy with the non-traditional ending. I thought that the moose were a little over the top though, eh?

thewordsmith1 Jul 30, 2011

I love disney cartoons, and this has always been one of my favorites. I especially love the lessons learned throughout the story, and the great music by Phil Collins!! Although it's actually Kenai's oldest brother he is trying to avenge, not his father :)

Apr 25, 2011

One of my very favourite Disney animated movies. It is very fun, but also has a serious story to it. It has great characters, great music, and a great message. Gives you something to take with you after watching.

Jan 08, 2011

very well done movie, bob and doug mckenzie play the two mooses!! priceless! an exellent movie for the whole family :)

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