A Dog's Purpose

A Dog's Purpose

Book - 2010
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Apr 28, 2019

This is one of the best books I have EVER read!! Amazing read from the first page to the last. At some points you laugh out loud and some points makes you cry. At any age you can enjoy this book, but you would have to be about 12 to understand fully everything that it's talking about, but really good for any age. I couldn't put this book down! I love this book and I am sure that you will too. Read this book!!!

Feb 16, 2019

No five stars for the greatest fiction book ever written but I enjoyed the book the entire time. I laughed, I cried, I thought a lot about my precious dog. If you've ever known a "good dog" this book is for you!

IndyPL_KristiS Jan 30, 2019

An emotional story of one dog, Bailey, and his unyielding everlasting connection to his boy, Ethan, and what it means to 'be a good dog'; Sweet, Touching and Endearing throughout.

Aug 06, 2018

The movie of the same name was based upon this book. Although the movie strays a bit from the source material anyone who has seen the film will love this book and will not be able to put it down without tears in the their eyes.

This is one of those books that really brings out your emotions. Joy, hope, anger, sadness. Mr. Cameron is masterful in his prose, and knows just how to tug on your strings without making the story horrible or saccharine. Well done.

Feb 20, 2018

I absolutely LOVED this book. I laughed and I cried. I did not want to put it down, read cover to cover in one day. This book had me sitting and looking at my puppy wondering what she was thinking when she looked at me. Definitely recommend.

Dec 01, 2017

A cute and heartbreaking story. I was crying when I finished it!

Sep 28, 2017

I read this book in like 3 hours. Could not for the life of me put it down!!!

Sep 20, 2017

A light read. Cute story. I liked it.

ArapahoeCynthiaK Sep 19, 2017

A dog's enduring love for his "boy" and the lessons learned along the way to fulfill his purpose for the boy makes this an imaginative story. As a dog lover, some parts are hard to read. I have a feeling tissues will be a must when watching the movie!

Aug 30, 2017

This book was amazing. Cameron manages to capture a dog's point of view perfectly. A beautiful read!

Aug 30, 2017

I can't say that this was a book I picked up and couldn't put down until it was done, but it was everything that the reviews claim it that it is - humorous, well written, and heart wrenching. I was always either crying from sadness or because I was laughing so hard. A wonderful take on the way that a dog might view the world. This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster as you watch the various lives of a dog, searching for his purpose. Overall an incredible book, and highly recommended by me.

Aug 23, 2017

sooo amazing but some aspects of it were kinda dark so in my opion 4 and a half

May 15, 2017

A great and heartwarming story! This is a beautiful, tragic and sweet tale. Deserves 5 stars!

Cynthia_N May 03, 2017

So much yes!! Heart filling and heart wrenching! Cameron writes from the dog's point of view and it just makes sense!

Mar 30, 2017

This book came highly recommended to me, a dog owner and lover. Other than the description of search and rescue dog training, it was a disappointment. Maudlin, predictable, and poorly written with a simple, Disneyesque storyline, the book anthropomorphizes dog behaviour and thought processes for wishful dog owners. The main problem with writing a story from a dog’s perspective is that a dog’s perspective is pretty limited. It perceives the world through a narrow lens of oder, food, comfort, and play, so the narrative becomes repetitive after awhile. The same issue occurs in the Chet and Bernie mysteries by Spencer Quinn with Chet as the dog protagonist/narrator; you’ve read one, you’ve read them all. If you truly want to understand dog behaviour and how they perceive the environment, check out Stanley Coren’s books, particularly “The Intelligence of Dogs”, “How to speak dog: Mastering the art of dog-human communication”, and "Why does my dog act that way? A complete guide to your dog’s personality”.

Mar 26, 2017

AMAZING, AWESOME book, a must read !

Mar 18, 2017

Such a amazing book that is the top read through a dog's eyes! It leaves you feeling sad, happy and wiser in the end... must read!

Mar 01, 2017

This book is beautiful. It is wonderful and moving and I stayed up late reading chapter after chapter. I loved it cover to cover, with it's unique view on life, love, and human relationships. It contains a fantastic mix of bright and joyful moments, laugh out loud humour, edge of your seat tension, and a beautiful type of heartbreak that makes you love being desperately sad. I found myself being quickly attached to the characters, who have a depth to them, a realisticness brought largely about by their display of emotions, and their unique personalities which accurately represent those of people in real life. The plot is thoroughly engaging, and the writing is exeptional. I recommend this book to all but young children, as there are sensitive concepts such as abuse, starvation, injury, death, unstable marriages, and alchahol. This book is most certainly worth every minute it takes to read.

Jan 07, 2017

It is a rare circumstance for a book to create immediate emotions in me that I cannot handle. That is why I gave this book 5 stars. A Dog's Purpose made me cry. I mourned some of the pets I had as a child and the pets I took care of as an adult. It gave me the healthy opportunity to think about them and thank God for them. And as soon as I finished A Dog's Purpose, my cat T'Pol passed away. I cried again, of course. She was old and diabetic. I wanted to read A Dog's Purpose after finding out a movie on the book was being filmed. I saw the book years ago on a shelf in Fred Meyer and just now picked it up to read. Glad I read it. A Dog's Purpose was about a dog's life -or many lives- and his purpose in life. The dog spent many years and lives to find the boy he grew up with, Ethan, his devotion both beautiful and enduring. The entire book was written from the dog's point of view, making an interesting and enticing book to read. I honestly could not put the book down. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, A Dog's Journey, a continuation of the dog's life, and I am looking forward to watching the movie. Do I recommend reading A Dog's Purpose? Absolutely. It was well worth it. Make sure you read the afterword as well, since it gives the reason behind W. Bruce Cameron's writing of the book.
Read from December 28, 2016 to January 02, 2017

Dec 05, 2016

This is a favorite book and a must read for dog lovers and owners. Even though I cried several times while reading this book it was just wonderful. To find that at the end and through several journeys in life the dog did fulfill his purpose .It was well worth the moments of sadness to feel the joy and love that he felt on the last page. Dogs are our friends and more and should be cherished always.

Nov 28, 2016

This was one of my favorites. A close second to The Art of Racing in the Rain. The way Cameron was able to insert complicated literature into the simple mindedness of a dog was beautiful. And the way he was able to give the dog a human sense and moral was impeccable. five out of five.

Leslie L. Kelly
May 09, 2016

You will never look at your dog...your best friend... the same way again. It is the story of a dog and all of his lives, and the people he loves. He loses his life, but comes back again. A dog lovers book that reinforces the belief that each dog is a reincarnation of another.

Aug 12, 2015

LOVED this book - and the sequel. A Dog's Purpose is the book I give to my friends when their dog as left for Rainbow Bridge. I tell them read it when you are ready...

cmacarthur Nov 10, 2014

If you love dogs, this is a must read. I really enjoyed it. Both sad and happy times, but so worth the read.

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