Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Book - 2010
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Mar 21, 2018

Safe Haven was one of the best books I've ever read! Definately recommend it!

VaughanPLTracy Dec 07, 2016

I was weary of picking up a Nicholas Sparks book as I hear his stories tend to have a heartbreaking and depressing ending (which often seems to be the case with the movies that come from his books), but I decided to pick up the book, <i>Safe Haven</i>, because I was pleased with the movie. This book provides so much more insight into Katie’s thoughts feelings than the movie was able to provide (which I find most movies fail to provide in comparison to their book counterparts). Overall, I was pleased with this story, and I am now more inclined to pick up another of Sparks’ works.

Aug 24, 2015

this book is so good. It shows us all that we can over come so much is our lives. It gives me strength to move forward in my life.

Maria_mcdo Apr 30, 2015

Prompted me to visit the place. Feel in love with the place southport :)

A patron review from the Adult Summer Game: "This book is essentially set in Southport North Carolina and follows the life of a woman named Erin. It is here that she begins a new life for herself after escaping an abusive relationship at the hands of her husband. She endeavors to maintain anonymity and privacy using a new identity and calls herself Katie. Despite her efforts she meets and befriends a neighbor named Jo and a widower named Alex to whom she becomes romantically and intimately connected. Their future, safety, and happiness are at risk because Katie's husband Kevin (to whom she is still legally married) is obsessed with trying to find her ... [edited for spoilers] ... There is a good resolution to the story and an enjoyable outcome for readers.

Jun 12, 2014

I really enjoyed reading this book! It was very good and it keeps you wanting to read more.

HappyPaige Jun 12, 2014

Enjoyable evening read!!

Jun 11, 2014

I really enjoyed this book much more then I did the movie. I love how Sparks truly develops his characters and fleshes them out a lot more than other authors.

Jun 03, 2014

good book!

Nov 27, 2013

I watched the movie, which was entertaining, but I agree with some of the other folks who have commented that they liked the book better. I thought the character of Kevin was so much more well-developed in the book and liked the way Sparks was able to show how his mind was deteriorating.

Nov 14, 2013

I wouldn't usually read this type of book... to be honest I didn't even look at the author and even if I did, I would not have known that he wrote the notebook or the last song either... so I read this book blind... It was one of the more beautiful things I've read. I usually devour books in an afternoon but i found myself needing to put it down to really think about it and that made it so much better too! I LOVED the plot, the characters, the setting, everything. This book has made me finally read "The Notebook" (and maybe i'll watch the movie now too!) and I am glad i have. I drank so much coffee reading this.. It was a GREAT book!

Sep 02, 2013

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks - AWESOME book. Now one of my favourite authors. Doctor-at Bass –Two! M. A.

Aug 20, 2013

Safe Haven is a book about a woman named Katie who is a transplant to the small town of Southport in North Carolina. In the beginning of the book Katie is determined not to make any personal ties but that changes after she gets a new neighbour and friend named Jo. That's when she starts to get curious about Alex who is a widowed, store owner with two kids. Katie seems unassuming at first but you can tell she has a wall up and you don't really find out how she got to that point and about her past until your well into the novel. I think what really helped lower her guard were Alex's kids. There's something so innocent about them that she can't help but respond to it. Alex is the widower being mom and dad to his two little kids, all the while running a store. When you read about his wife you realize quickly that he's a bit of a romantic. When he starts developing feelings for Katie it's obvious that he's not just looking for a person for himself but someone who can also be a mother to his two kids. This novel has a lot of suspense and keeps you on the edge of your seat because of Katie's background. You keep turning the pages to find out what exactly happened to her. This Nicholas Sparks novel has a thriller quality to it.

Jun 10, 2013

This is an excellent book! I really enjoyed it and I agree that the book is better than the movie. It is a great story about starting a new life.

Jun 07, 2013

On the one hand, it had high drama, romance, an energy-filled climax and even an unexpected twist in the ending. On the other hand, there was so much stretching and pulling to stuff in a ton of excess words.

Jun 06, 2013

This book is soooo much better than the movie, which I thought was good. You can never go wrong with Nicholas Sparks!

May 22, 2013

Saw the movie- really good ending.

May 14, 2013

Another great story by Nicholas Sparks. A little reminiscent of "Sleeping with the Enemy" movie, but with an entirely different twist. Great love story with an amazing and unexpected ending!! You won't be disappointed reading this story--9 out of 10 for me.

KJtheEpicFailure May 02, 2013

Oddly enough, I did enjoy this book. Not my style of reading, and though I guessed what the ending would bring, Sparks did a good job of keeping me on the edge of my seat. A good read for when you're bored.

Apr 17, 2013

This story is about Katie; a woman who escapes from her abusive husband and end up in a small town called. She's been battered emotionally, mentally and physically. ; Alex, a man who lost his wife and is now a single father raising his two young children. He owns a store and knows everyone who comes in; that it until this delicate looking women enters. She meets the children and daughter immediately grows to like her. Begin this relationship and get very close. Her neighbor Jo is somewhat of a busy body, but for good reasons. She befriends Katie and they talk about this man. What I really like about this book is that its family based, but also has scenes of personal need. While loves and cares for his children, he needs to fill that empty gap his wife left when she died. Katie, a woman who does not fully trust men wants to be loved and taken care of, and she finds that in him. This story has a lot of suspense because while you're reading and coming to like the character of Alex, you start wondering if her husband is going to come looking for her or if he'll just find another woman to abuse. The way its written is in each characters perspective. So we see what Alex is thinking and doing or remembering. Katie recalls her horrifying past, and her husband remembers when they were together and how much he misses her and dreams of all the torture he would do to her if he ever found her. There's a bit of a twist in the end that I didn't expect, but it was a good twist.

Apr 09, 2013

I thought this story was so very predictable, but still i was captivated for the last the few chapters. A light read, but worth it.

Apr 03, 2013

This description does not match the book I read.

Mar 21, 2013

The nice thing about Nicholas Sparks is that, when you read his books, you know what you're going to get. Safe Haven is a decent offering.

Mar 21, 2013

As usual, Nicholas Sparks amazed me with his knack for writing dramatic romances. There was a shocking anti-climax at the end that I did not expect at all, and I really liked how the story was concluded. It was a wonderful read which I finished in one sitting. 4 hours straight of reading! :)

Mar 09, 2013

Very good book. love the similes and metaphors the author puts throughout the book. But i am undecided if i like the ending.

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