This book, like the other Emily books, takes the reader skillfully through Emily's beautiful story of darkness and despair, pale light and purple enchantment. Emily is a character that will live inside you vividly. She has a mysterious, unique beauty and personality that captivates readers' hearts.
We watch Emily's talent and passion for writing maturing and blossoming, while her life flows with twists and turns. Emily's Quest is significantly darker than the first two books. It contains more passion and depth with failures and heartaches. This, however, is beautifully balanced with the charm and humor and beauty of the author's words. Emily's Quest is a windy, romantic, wistful, passionate, thrilling ending to the popular trilogy.
"Violet-sprinkled valleys of spring-- blossom-script of summer-- minstrel-firs of autumn-- pale fires of the Milky Way on winter nights-- soft, new-mooned skies of April-- gnomish beauty of dark Lombardies against a moonrise-- deep of sea calling to deep of wind-- lonely yellow leaves falling in October dusks-- woven moonlight in the orchard. Oh, there was beauty in life still-- always would be. Immortal, indestructible beauty beyond all the stain and blur of mortal passion."
- @StarRead of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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