Wake up Happy
Wake up Happy The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming your Life By Strahan, Michael Book - 2015

This is my review from goodreads:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The content was relevant as he used many of his life examples, but it was an easy read as well. "Wake up happy" is not a happy, happy, be chipper type of book. The author provides basic strategies for areas such as: not giving up on your dreams or relationships and the value of hard work.

I had a friend ask me "what makes Michael Strahan a noted authority on dreaming and being happy?" My answer was and still is "it's his demeanor and accomplishments." It's quite obvious that none of his successes in life were handed to him. He displays a very strong work ethic and an ability to roll with the punches. This author shares his setbacks and failures as well as his accomplishments. All the more reason to respect him.

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