Compelling start:

Eduardo Deacon. Eddie.
-Division at...?
Third Battalion, Fifth Marines.
Three. 2011, 2014.
-Dates of leave?
Three consecutive tours.
-Sangin, huh? Was it as bad as they say?
-Injuries? Anything you're not physically capable of doing?
-Anything you don't like doing?
I like it all.
-You like cleaning toilets?
I'd do anything.
-A-ha. All of your psych evals have been passed, correct?
Yes, yes, Ma'am.

Listen, I have been home for a year. I haven't worked a single day. My piece-of-shit car is literally falling apart. My kid and my wife are two states away, so when I tell you I would do anything, Ma'am... I mean anything.
-Listen, I go through this everyday and it never gets any easier.
Just do me a favor: minimum wage into my profile there.
-But you're a Captain so you're entitled to be awarded...
I can't wait for what I'm entitled to! I need this now.

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