I always enjoy reading how Virgil Flowers's mind works as he follows a crime from clue to clue to clue, and Bloody Genius was no different. The humor in this series makes it lighter fare, which is always fun to read. Flowers is hilarious but is also a first-rate investigator, which is definitely required in this book as this particular investigation includes prostitutes, students, crooked lawyers, a CEO of an up and coming company, scam artists, and the victim's past wives. Whew!

I very much liked a lot of the characters, but especially Harry, the man in his 70s, who owns three McDonalds. (Harry has his own theory about the case, developed from his years of watching Gibbs on NCIS!)

There was one part I was uncomfortable with. I know it was meant to be funny but who does that??? I found it to be jarring, juvenile, and NOT funny.

ValinOR14's rating:
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