Crime Fiction fans will love this thrilling hunt for a serial killer

Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2020

This thriller is about the hunt for a terrifying serial killer, who selects his victims, by using crowd sourced DNA profiles. The gene he is looking for should never be able to be matched to a specific donor. But in reality, we live in the wild wild west of genetic databases, and oversight is minimal. Once you submit your DNA, your privacy can't always be guaranteed. The implications of this can have real world consequences, some of which, have yet to be conceived.

Michael Connelly is one of the few really prolific bestselling authors authors who has never disappointed me. Despite FAIR WARNING being his 34th novel, the book is is a page turning thriller, that is fascinating, relevant and plausible, never veering into the realm of outlandish or unbelievable. I don't like crime fiction that makes me raise my eyebrows, and think "REALLY?!! Well that could never happen!!"

FAIR WARNING is a very current serial killer novel that doesn't require you to suspend belief. It is a police procedural in every aspect, except that the one following the clues is a seasoned reporter. The reporter works for the publication FAIR WARNING, a consumer watchdog publication. Both FAIR WARNING and its editor Myron, play a significant role in the novel, but neither is fictional.

Perhaps it is these nonfiction aspects to Connelly's books, along with his extensive research and deep understanding of policing, that keep his writing so level, logical and believable. None of that interferes with his ability to churn out a novel featuring current technology that will pull in the reader and keep you vested in the plot, all the way through.

Connelly is just an excellent writer, who proves it time and time again.

This police procedural is a true THRILLER!

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