This one was recommended to me by the beauteous Misty at The Book Rat, during her Fairytale Fortnight last year. And as usual, her recommendation was spot-on.

This retelling of the Rumplestiltskin fairytale is set in the early days of the Industrial Revolution (late 1700s) and takes place entirely around the wool textile industry of rural England. Which, to be frank, I know nothing about. But the author does such a wonderful job of providing enough vivid details to support the story (without breaking pace or distracting from the plot) that I didn't feel lost at all.

As stories go, despite knowing the source material, this one surprised me a few times. There's a very sweet love story, a very relatable coming-of-age tale, some messages about family, loyalty, and place (place being its own character here), and a fantastical story of curse breaking and folklore.

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