The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries The Complete Second Season DVD - 2011

I started out this season very disappointed. I cant be the only one that hates the fact the main actress is playing 2 roles that look and sound exactly the same yet are generations apart. The actress is making out with several guys constantly, and every guy is in love with her. They have been overly flaunting this actress. Yes she's beautiful, but come on! The Nina Dobrev spotlight's starting to get stale. There are other characters in the show to work with who are more interesting than one beautiful mortal. Get a move on it already! Well I got my wish. As I ended the season, I thought, what the heck just happened? I was about to give up on this show and the story just blew up. Cant wait for season 3! (edit: this season is the best in the series, season 3 a close second best)

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