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JCLChrisK made a comment Jun 14 2019
""My life has become a list of things that almost killed me." A strange and improbable list, but fully immersive and adrenaline-soaked. It's a wilderness tale story with a twist. And a twist. Tense and tangible and hard to put down. Highl..." Permalink
JCLChrisK rated a title Jun 14 2019
JCLChrisK made a comment Jun 10 2019
"An enchanting journey into magic that is both mysterious and wondrous. Mup knew OF magic before the raggedy witches, but she hadn't experienced it and didn't really know anything about it. Then her dad is abducted and carried off into someplace da..." Permalink
JCLChrisK rated a title Jun 10 2019
JCLChrisK created a list Jun 05 2019
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