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Jul 31, 2020karyn8787 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Little Fires Everywhere tells the story of the Richardsons; a wealthy, privileged, picture-perfect suburban family; and the Warrens, the exact opposite. The story takes place in Shaker Heights, a suburban community taken to the extreme where everything must be perfect. Now enter Mia and Pearl Warren, a single mother and her daughter who disrupt the peace and status quo that exists in Shaker. The main portion of the story explores the tumultuous relationship between Mia Warren and Elena Richardson, the matriarch of the Richardson household. However, an equally intriguing storyline is explored regarding the fate of an adoption of an American born Chinese baby by a white couple. While these premises seem simple at first, Ng fills the novels with twists and turns you could never expect and makes it near impossible to put the book down. I can't stress enough how much I LOVED this book. To be honest, I think I am on my third or fourth reread of this book and I still discover new details every time. This novel makes you question your beliefs about motherhood and what determines right and wrong in such morally ambiguous situations. Furthermore, the story still captures the experience of a teenager growing up and the constant societal and peer pressure put on you to conform. The experiences of the children in the story make a beautiful story in itself. In reality, this novel is multiple stories stitched together and interwoven to create a book that is equally gripping, heart-breaking, and provocative. As I mentioned above, this story is filled with plot twists that you will never expect and will keep you at the very edge of your seat. Little Fires Everywhere is a must-read and I highly recommend it to everyone.