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Sep 26, 2020Cidherman rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I loved LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE. The story makes use of one of my favorite plot devises, which is to fully bring to life the interconnectedness of human beings and how our actions ripple outward and have the potential to change others in unintended, but sometimes very significant ways. That life force, which changes those around us is never more apparent, or on display than in Ng's beautiful, deeply moving story LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE. This simple, far reaching human-charged energy carries the story and brings to life all of the Ng's characters, rendering them both realistic and relatable. I grew up next door to a family much like the Richardson's. They were wealthy, fun, distracted, unconventional and extremely generous in opening their home and their hearts to the many neighborhood children and the friends of their own children. We came and went as we pleased, they fed us, took us skiing, camping, and always made us feel welcome, almost like a part of the family. Pearl and Mia have moved 40 times in Pearl's 15 years. When Pearl meets the Richardsons, she finds a kinship and stability, she never even knew she had been craving. Even as Pearl becomes a fixture at the Richardson's, Izzy the Richardson's youngest child, the families black sheep, latches on to Pearl's Mom, Mia, with a ferocity no one but Mia can understand. All of the people in LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE are good people, just doing the best they can. When rigid ideas of right and wrong conflict, everything changes for both families, in a matter of hours. It may be true, that sometimes you don't know what you have until it's good and truly gone. Don't pass on an opportunity to read this beautiful story. If you are tired of reading books with characters you can't stand, LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE is the antidote.