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Jan 21, 2021gloryb rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
" All the Light we cannot See", a Pulitzer Prize winning novel in 2014, was a very rewarding, worthwhile read for me. The author has such skill in writing what his two teen characters experienced during WWII that the story made me feel I was right beside them every step of the way. The story is told in alternating short chapters which describe both of the teens' experiences a few years before the war, during the war, and afterwards. One teen is a blind French Parisian girl who endures the war years in St. Malo and becomes involved in the local French Resistance while the other teen is a German youth from the Ruhr Zollverein coal mine area whose genius with transistors makes him the ideal candidate, from the German army's point of view, to help them detect and eliminate resistance fighters who are using transistor radios. The story becomes a page turner from the middle of the book right to the end even though the novel is filled with description.